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Patio Re-Sealing

Patio Maintenance

Stamped Concrete Patio Re-Sealing

Re-sealing your stamped concrete patio is critical to maintain its original colors and protect it from the elements.



Haijoe re-seals both stamped concrete and flatstone patios. We also work with both water and oil based sealers.



Cleaning and sealing stamped colored concrete should be done on a regular basis, just like any other home maintenance. We recommend resealing every 2-3 years. The frequency will vary based on the intensity of car traffic and foot traffic, as well as any chemicals to which the concrete is exposed. If you wait too long, you will notice the color fade. Keeping a fresh coat of sealer will protect your stamped colored concrete and keep it as vibrant as the day it was installed.


Normal cleaning can be easily accomplished with a garden hose or a power washer. Use dish soap or a medium bristle broom to remove residue. Apply, scrub, and rinse thoroughly to remove all residue. Indoor surfaces that do not have drains may be cleaned with a mop, carpet cleaning machine, steam cleaner, floor scrubber with light duty pad, wet/dry vac, or other related cleaning equipment that will not damage the adjoining wall. Exterior surfaces may be hosed or low pressure washed (maximum pressure 1500 psi). Just as you routinely wash and wax your vehicles and have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis, your decorative concrete surface requires cleaning attention as well to maintain its beauty.

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